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Khagol Mandal is a registered Voluntary Organization formed by group of people led by Dilip Joshi in 1985. In past 32 years of service, name of Khagol Mandal is synonymous with amateur astronomy activity in this part of the country and it is branded as one of the most active Astronomy Popularizing Group.

Khagol Mandal is a Charitable Public Trust and the present trustee are:

1) Shri. Pradeep Nayak : Hon. President
2) Prof. Varsha Shukla : Hon. Vice Presisent
3) Shri. Sagun Kerkar : Hon. Secretary
4) Shri. D. T. Shinde : Hon. Treasurer
5) Dr. Aniket Sule : Member
6) Dr. Sujata Deshpande : Member
7) Dr. Sagar Godambe : Member
8) Shri. Abhishek Samant : Member
9) Prof. Swapnil Jawkar : Member

Co-opted Members
10) Shri. Pritesh Ranadive: Member
11) Shri. Suyog Deshmukh : Member

At the time of Silver Jubilee Celebration in 2010

    At the time of Silver Jubilee Celebration in 2010