About us

Khagol Mandal is a registered Voluntary Organization formed by group of people led by Dilip Joshi in 1985. In past 34 years of service, name of Khagol Mandal is synonymous with amateur astronomy activity in this part of the country and it is branded as one of the most active Astronomy Popularizing Group.

New Committee members with Founder Member Dilip Joshi on 15 Sept 2019

Khagol Mandal is a Charitable Public Trust and the present trustees are:

1) Dr. Varsha Shukla Hon. President
2) Adv. Milind Babar Hon. Vice President
3) Dr. Abhay Deshpande Hon. Secretary
4) Shri. Milind Kale Hon. Treasurer
5) Shri. Ashirwad Tillu Hon. Jt. Secretary
6) Shri. Kiran Ambardekar Member
7) Shri. Pradeep Nayak Member
8) Shri. Sagun Kerkar Member
9) Shri. Anurag Shevade Member